Cream Cheese Pandan Kek Lapis! - By Joyann Liau

recipe credit to cendrine bakes

Here I present my Cream Cheese Pandan Kek Lapis!

Cream cheese pandan lapis cake, which I finally baked with 14 yolks.
used 7″ square cake tin

A) butter 200g cream cheese 150g sugar 80g condensed milk 5tbsp yolk 14

B) HK flour 180g baking powder 1tsp

C) sugar 130g egg white 7 1/4tsp lemon juice

D) pandan paste 1tsp vanilla essence 1tsp

Grease and line bottom of the cake tin.

Cream butter, cream cheese, sugar and condense milk until fluffy. Add egg yolk one by one until combined.

Add sifted flour mixture into the egg yolk mixture.

Beat egg white until foamy, add lemon juice and sugar (3 additions) and beat till stiff peak.

Fold meringue (4 batches) into egg yolk mixture. Divide the portion into 2, each weigh 620g. Add pandan paste into one portion and vanilla essence into another portion.

Add 70g of the original and grill at 200C for 8mins. Add pandan layer, and continue the two batter alternatively. I used back of the spoon to press and fork to poke the bubble.

Bake last layer for 5min.