Steamed/backed Moist Chocolate Cake

Steamed/backed Moist Chocolate Cake (same recipe for both methods)

Ingredients (A) : Mix all 3 ingredients and double boiled till all dissolved.
Unsalted butter 180g
Fine sugar 150g
Evaporated milk 200g

Ingredients (B)
Whole Eggs 2pcs (need not to beat till stiff, just beat till whole egg mixed well)

Ingredients (C) : Mix all 3 together and sieve.
Self-rising flour 100g
Von Houten cococa powder 50g (you can use other brand but personally felt this brand give better frangrance)
Baking Soda ½ tsp

Now the method…. Super super simple………

Mix ingredient A into ingredient B, stir well with hand whisk, then slowly add in sieved ingredient C, stir well,
Pour into mould. All the moulds I used are non-stick type.

Now, important :::::::: Use high heat to let the water boil. Once boiled, turn to MEDIUM SMALL OR SMALL (not very small ok) to steam. If you use high heat like you make Huat Kueh, your cake will crack or cannot steam well.

All the way medium small heat to for 45 minutes (also depends on the mould you are using). I steamed mine for approx. 30-35 minutes only because I have separated into many moulds.

If you want to bake it, you can bake it for approx. 20-25 minutes, depends on the mould again. You can make experiment, by divide the batter into 2 shares, one for bake and one for steam. Like how I did it ! Both taste good except the steamed cake is softer than the baked version.

Ok, hope you can understand my poor English hor…… do share after you have made this. Happy baking/steaming